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Please contact us with any questions at the phone number below or via our facebook page.  Call-in grill orders are also welcome via phone.  IF YOU CANNOT REACH US DURING OPERATIONAL HOURS VIA PHONE IT IS BECAUSE WE ARE TOO BUSY AT THE SHOP TO ANSWER THE PHONE.  PLEASE WAIT 15-20 MINUTES AND CALL AGAIN OR SIMPLY COME TO THE SHOP TO PLACE YOUR ORDER.  Thank you in advance for your patience!

If you are interested in applying to work at Twirly Top, please print the application below and fill it out and return it to the shop or to the address at the bottom of the application - please no digital copies of completed applications!

Twirly Top Application 2022

The Twirly Top
1 Pine Grove Road
Gardners, PA 17324

Phone: 717-486-3424
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TwirlyTop