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The Twirly Top is located in Gardners, PA.  Despite its size, Gardners has plenty of opportunities for awesome and interesting activities.  Gardners is also ideally located between Carlisle and Gettysburg, PA - so there's lots to do nearby!

We've compiled a list of activities and sites to see and explore in and around Gardners.  If you know of a gem missing from this list- let us know and we'll add it!

The Gardners area hosts many campground options for the experienced (and inexperienced) camper.

Gardners and the surrounding area is densely populated with farms and orchards, which makes for beautiful countryside and scenic views.

  • Peters' Orchard is one of Gardners' fruit & vegetable growers with a fruit stand you can visit on Route 94.  Fresh fruit in Twirly Top's seasonal fresh fruit sundaes and shakes comes from Peters' as well as a few other local farms and orchards in Gardners.